18kg Barbell, Levin In NYC! Is It Me? (It’s Not Me) & Our Sputnik Moment Eating American Pie With The Reds!
Wednesday January 26th 2011, 2:01 am
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I felt up to working out with Diana today, and she was nice enough to add me to her schedule. It was great; I’m definitely working my way back up. I’m using a 40 pound (728 hectogram) barbell now for all the exercises that use a barbell. I’m really glad we were able to workout today because tomorrow I’m getting an infusion of vincristine and taking more methotrexate. That’ll knock me out for a few days, during which time, it will feel like a 40 pound (1,983 megagram) barbell has been dropped on my head. Not from many stories stories up. Probably from a window on the fourth or fifth floor. So it’ll be bad, but it could be worse–my metaphorical building has 27 floors (5,122,011º gigaliters).

My dad is NYC all week for ADL training. They are teaching him to do the job he has been doing since December 1. Don’t worry, I think all the people and things he’s stood up for still count. He’ll be able to stand up for things better than ever when they’re through with him! Which is good because his back has been bothering him lately when he stands up. I mention this not only because it explains why he wasn’t at trivia tonight, but also because I forgot to mention it yesterday when he left… er… I love you, Dad!

We started trivia off shorthanded tonight without my dad, Becca or Jeff. The latter two had other commitments (in state) that delayed their arrivals. When we started (as “Sputnik Moment”) it was Joyce, my mom and I. We did not do great on sports, but we totally nailed those Robert Frost questions. We also missed a question that asked which two political figures’ names are specifically mentioned in Don McLean’s “American Pie.” Later, in the Lightning Round, my mom redeemed us by correctly answering that James Dean is the only other person mentioned by name in the same song (he lent his coat to the Jester for some reason). We didn’t do great the first round, but it turned out no one did great the first round, even our super nice and polite horrible bitter rivals the Reds. When Becca and Jeff arrived at the end of round one, we were in fifth place, but only four points behind the Reds, who led the round with the lowest number of points I can remember anyone ever leading a round with.

In the second round, we only did moderately better, but we came in second place (which paid for all but ¢84 of dinner). I attribute this ranking not necessarily to Becca and/or Jeff adding moderate betterness to our team, but to the questions being hard and everyone else having an even more off night than us. We finished six or seven points behind those awful menacing super friendly Reds. In the all-or-nothing final round (named the “Lightning Round” after Reagan’s Quizmaster General, C. Everett Lightning) we won in the sense that we had more points than anyone else except some other team with the same number of points, and from our shaky start, that was really unexpected and exciting! However, we lost in the sense that the other team won the tie-breaker and thus all of the winnings of beers and pizzas and the recording contract. Oh well, we still had a good time! At least I did.

On the way home, Mom and I sang along to “American Pie.” Except for that one verse where political figures Lenin and Marx were specifically mentioned. We had never heard that verse before, somebody must’ve stuck it in there recently. The Reds. Yeah, sure, that makes sense. A new verse by our mortal enemies, the extremely personable and generous despicable no good, very bad Communist Reds! That’s the ticket!


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