Accept my regrets; I am unable to attend.
Sunday October 10th 2010, 10:42 pm
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Yesterday I made a very difficult decision: I would not be flying to New York City this weekend. I was supposed to be going to New York specifically to attend the steampunk-themed wedding of my friends Sarah and Tucker, which took place today (Sunday, 10/10/10). Although I’ve been slowly (very slowly) feeling better lately, I did not feel strong enough to fly yesterday (Saturday). I don’t quite understand why traveling–even as a passenger under the most ideal conditions–takes so much out of me; but it does. It drains several days worth of energy out of me, and often leaves my immune system far more compromised than it already is, which, in the past, has lead to months of illness.

When I awoke this morning, I hurt all over. I felt like I had a really intense workout yesterday. A workout that included some time on a Spanish Inquisition-style rack. I considered this pain for some time before trying to move out of bed. I decided the pain could be taken one of two ways: either the universe was confirming that it was a wise decision not to have flown to NYC yesterday, where I would have been in even more pain after traveling, or conversely, that the universe was punishing me for not being in NYC. Unsatisfied with either reason, I came up with a third possibility: maybe there was not any meaning to it whatsoever–it was just a coincidence and I should stop worrying about it and write more about Tucker and Sarah.

I’ve known Tucker since he successfully auditioned for Better Than The Machine at Pace. In our fifth and final show at Pace, Tucker contributed some of the very best sketches we had done: an old lady knitting her way to the top of a skyscraper in “Extreme Knitting,” and Tucker trying to pickup a woman at a bar while underscored by the smooth vibrations of a jazzy ringtone on his cellphone in “Cellphone Pickup.”

Sarah and I met in a “Writing For Film” class at Pace, in which I all but directly accused her of stealing a sketch from Matt Gallo (it turned out he had given it to her; whoops… still sorry about that, Sarah). Over at least the past year, Sarah and my friendship has been primarily the two of us always wishing each other good health because we could both use some.

I got to work with both Tucker and Sarah when they made a feature long movie for Tucker’s honors thesis. The movie was actually broken down into lots of shorts, one of which I was lucky enough to be cast in as the sole actor. I was cast as a man who represented all of mankind and ate lots and lots of yummy, delicious blueberry pie, which I think was baked by Sarah’s mom, if I recall correctly.

It was important to me to be at their wedding and I’m very sorry to be missing it for several reasons:

1) The biggest and most obvious is that I regret not being able to share my friends’ special day with them. I was honored to be invited, and had looked forward to seeing Sarah and Tucker become Sarahandtucker.

2) I would be really, really excited to be invited to a themed wedding of any sort, but a steampunk wedding seemed particularly fun. My mom and I put together a pretty kick ass steampunk outfit for me to wear. Meanwhile, I grew special Victorian facial hair from my actual face all by myself! I really wanted to see what everyone else was wearing (especially the bride and groom), but I won’t lie; I wanted to show off how cool I looked. I’ll take any excuse to wear a costume (so much as it doesn’t involve shoving cards into the arms of passersby).

Quick interjection in the list here for a sec. One of the facts I had to contend with in not flying to New York this weekend was that I will probably never be invited to another steampunk wedding. Which is a bummer. So I got to thinking that perhaps when I’m healthy next year, maybe I can throw a small Sarahandtucker steampunk anniversary party. That way, I’ll have a chance to be adventurer Addison “The Captain” Cobb, the independently wealthy motorist, pilot, and secret private investigator who, despite his many Bransonesque exploits, feels most at home in the steam powered engine room of his mighty airship, the Lionheart. And I’ll get to experience a little tiny bit of the magic I missed.

Okay, back to the list:

3) The wedding ceremony took place today, Sunday October 10, 2010. When I was told this was the date of the wedding, 10/10/10, it seemed especially appropriate for Tucker. Tucker has always been a video gaming/computing/chiptune fanatic. Ones and zeroes are what propel that entire world. They form binary, the base 2 system of counting. 101010 quite frankly seemed like the perfect day to recognize that.

Of course, the date might just have been picked because it looked cool.

4) …except, out of idle curiosity, I decided to convert 101010 from binary into decimal notation, our familiar base 10 counting system. I tried to do it in my head, which helped me fall asleep for the night. Then I tried to write it out on paper, but I kept forgetting numbers. There are literally only two numbers I could write, and I would forget where I was while writing all of this down. I’ve never claimed to be good at math. Finally, I decided to find a converter online, which took about 6 seconds and revealed that 101010 in binary is, in decimal notation:


Which, of course, is the answer to life, the universe and everything. 42. Good work guys.

I wish the best to both of you in this first day of your new lives together. I hope you have a long, wonderful, and healthy life together. I wish the very best for you, and while I am sad I missed the wedding, I couldn’t be more happy for you.


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Reid, another fine entry. You are too clever for your own good.
On an unrelated and personally involved note (sorry), could you change the link you so gracioulsy added for ‘Gallo’s Humor’ to it’s New and Improved WordPress based home:
You can actually comment now! and subscribe without creating an account and so on!
In relation to this, is it possible for me to Subscribe to your blog, here? As opposed to just going to it on my own as I do? Like is there anyway to subscribe and get emails or somesuch, when you post new postings, post-haste?

And fianlly, get better! You were missed at the wedding, but it was perfectly understandable to all who knew.


P.S.- Tucker’s dad had the best costume/facial hair.

Comment by Matt Gallo 10.12.10 @ 10:16 am

Thanks Matt.

-I updated your links–I think this was a good move on your part!

-I’m sure there’s a way to subscribe to my blog, but I am not entirely sure what it is… I can look into that.

-I need pictures from the wedding. I’ll have to scour Facebook.


Comment by Reid 10.13.10 @ 2:08 am

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