Another Transition For Dad, Trivia and Possible Withdrawal… But I Sure Hope Not
Wednesday December 15th 2010, 1:21 am
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I did not get much sleep last night. I just couldn’t fall asleep. This morning, I had to get up with maybe an hour of cumulative sleep on board.

I quickly got over that, though, as Mom, Boo and I went to sit in on the end of today’s Rose Community Foundation board meeting in the Rose Community Foundation boardroom. And what a boardroom it is! Amazing view of the mountains! All sorts of things on which to nosh! And a really huge board… er table…!

It was what was taking place in the boardroom that we had come for: today was my father’s last day as chairman of the foundation, a philanthropic job he has particularly cherished over the past several years. He decided that with his recent appointment as Regional Chair of the Anti-Defamation League, resigning as chairman of the Rose Community Foundation was necessary so there would not be any conflicts of interest. While he will continue to be a part of the foundation, it will no longer be in a leadership capacity. I know that resigning was not an easy thing for him to do, but as the accolades from his fellow board members revealed, he is a man who makes decisions even when they are not easy.

We arrived a little early for Dad’s sendoff, and were given the chance to see part of the normal meeting. Being in the room, able to observe him lead was amazing. I’ve never seen him in action, not in this way. Sure, I’ve seen him speak at banquets, at fundraisers and at shul, but this was entirely different. He was relaxed, leaning back in his chair and spinning to the left and to the right and then back, and yet he commanded the entire room. He was both casual and entirely professional at the same time. I immediately understood what board members meant when they got their chances to send him off: he emitted an aura both of approachability and decisiveness that helped to foster new ideas, solve problems and keep people happy. It was something to behold, and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to see it.

Afterwords, we went out to lunch, which I can’t remember ever doing with Dad in the middle of a workday that didn’t involve the hospital. It was great.

We played trivia tonight with the Reimans and won the big monies. Our team name was “Captain Squidbilly,” in honor of Cpt. Matt McDole joining us tonight and in honor of Jason, who also joined us tonight, whose friendship had given me the answer to a clutch question last time we’d played trivia (when he was not in town). The question had been about cartoons on [adult swim] that Jason used to animate, including one called “Squidbillies,” that I never would have ever watched but for Jason’s work on it.

I felt fairly well today, albeit tired. I took a nap, but it wasn’t nearly long enough to make up for a night of insomnia. I was–and I remain–somewhat concerned that when I woke up from my nap, I was in a pool of sweat. I don’t normally sweat, especially not like this. The only time I can remember this happening is when we tried to take the penultimate step in weening me off of methadone and I experienced severe withdrawal. I distinctly felt several other withdrawal symptoms that came and went through the evening. None were bad enough to ruin the night, and in fact, Matt and Jason and I were able to hang out and talk for a while after trivia, which was really neat. But I will definitely continue paying close attention to these symptoms, lest they become bad enough I need to go the hospital. I hope they don’t, because I don’t know what I’d be having withdrawal from. And figuring things like that out isn’t always as much fun as it seems like it would be.

Another night up too late; I will leave further worrying for the morning.


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