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Tuesday December 14th 2010, 3:44 am
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Physically I felt great today, owing largely to being in massive pain all last week and being taken off last week’s “big one,” oral methotrexate.

I’m on an emotional high, as I’ve been the past three Decembers, because I have many good friends back in my day-to-day life. When the holiday dust clears, I’m going to try to keep spending time with the people who live here.

Mentally, I struggled with several words, including a few really easy ones like “selfish” (albeit used in a joking manner once I was helped finding it). I’ve noticed this more over the past few days. Was able to talk foreign affairs while watching a hockey game.

The hockey game was a holiday gift from Jason Shwartz, who took Matt and Corey Sullivan, Jason and Ashley MillMott, Matt McDole, and I to the game tonight. We saw the totally unfamiliar Colorado Avalanche of modernity defeat the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks 7-5. We were concerned that we were running late, but we made it to our seats just in time for the first half, where the score started not at 0-0, but at 3-all. Personally, I still find these post-lockout rules very strange.

Thanks Jason, and thanks Marni Shwartz for procuring the tickets!

A note of clarification: When I wrote in yesterday’s entry that I would “try as hard as I can to bang out at least 140 characters each day,” I didn’t mean to imply that I’d be trying to tweet once everyday. I meant that I want to write more than a tweetsworth a day. And yes, I just added “tweetsworth” to my lexicon and perhaps to the English language. Etymologists take note.

I’m sure there will be days when I can only write a tweet. In fact, I bet there will be days when I can’t write even write 140 characters. But I’m going to try my best. And just for those of you who feel cheated out of a tweet or those of you annoyed that you had to read all 1,927 characters (including spaces) of this blog entry, this is for you.


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