Being Ill Is Kind Of A Bummer, Sick Man Reveals.
Friday August 16th 2013, 12:12 am
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I’ve been sick all week, which has been something of a bummer. I planned several small projects this week that didn’t even get off the ground. I find this especially frustrating as someone that gets sick a lot. When I’m healthy for several days in a row, I tend to get ahead of myself and begin formulating plans for upcoming continued days of feeling well. Those days don’t always come, so I often feel like I’ve just set myself up for disappointment. I’ll admit that it’s really nice when it works out, though.

There are things that are worth plowing through illness to do. Unfortunately, I find that ignoring an illness to do even the most worthwhile of activities usually leads to that illness becoming really angry. I wasn’t taking it seriously enough, I couldn’t be bothered enough to pay attention to it, I never even told my friends that the illness was living within me, that sort of thing. So the illness decides to show me what it can do when it really wants to make me sick. Some illnesses are really needy.

As long as I don’t fall into a habit of not writing every day I feel sick, I’m moving towards thinking it’s a fine reason not to write some days. I like writing more than I like not writing, but things like debilitating migraines, sinus infections, and bears make it very difficult to do at times. Well, difficult to do coherently, at least. I could definitely express how I feel when I have a debilitating migraine if only wasn’t bound by my oath to uphold The Rules Of Grammarâ„¢ (*sound of thunder crashing*)!!


Just like that! Except… that looks strangely similar to the entry I’d write after jumping out of being pushed out of an airplane. I might as well continue using spelling and punctuation and words and thoughts when I feel up to writing. I don’t think I’m really ready to have an avant-garde blog showcasing long strings of random characters I smursh out of my keyboard when I’m not feeling up to grammar.

Speaking of migraines, I saw my new neurologist today. It was a great experience. I didn’t dislike my previous neurologist at all, but, in going to see this new guy, I feel like I’ve been called up from a high school league to the majors (some sort of sports metaphor, I think). The new doctor was super thorough, great at answering questions, and helped connect several outstanding dots (turns out when they’re connected, they look like a pony). He’s already got me started on something to help my migraines that doesn’t involve more pills! It’s been amazing to realize several times over the past few weeks just what it feels like to find the right doctors.

Forward momentum continues! More details soon.

I’d love to write more, but I’d better head to bed. This illness is already pretty upset with me and I don’t want to piss it off anymore. After all, I’ve gotta live with it.


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All this time I’ve been telling illnesses to leave you alone and I didn’t even think of bears entering into the equation. Well, here goes nothing: “Go away bear. Shoo!Get out of here.”–Iowa Training Films. I got a B- in my Iowa Training class so I’m not sure if that will help or not but hang in there! It must be said that you’re still a far better writer/creative mind than many who are feeling their best. That sounds like an opinion but it’s more of a subjective fact. Hang in there, Reid!

Comment by Krista Harris 08.19.13 @ 4:28 pm

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