Being Remembered For All The Right Reasons: An Interesting Encounter
Tuesday July 26th 2011, 11:59 pm
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Today was a 4. I’m very tired from doing things I wanted to be doing!

-Dropped by Gigi and Papa’s house and spent a couple hours just sitting, talking to Papa. It was great. I had to leave in the middle (or maybe just the beginning?) of a very long, interesting discussion. I’ll be back!

-I had to leave Papa’s so that I could get home in time for physical therapy. I did not make it home in time for physical therapy. My physical therapist was already at (in) the house. Oops, sorry! Of course, since she’s officially the sweetest person in the world, she said it wasn’t a problem. I still felt bad. We’ve started doing “advanced” exercises, which are really hard. I find I’m constantly frustrated with myself for not being able to do any new physical challenges faster. Which, after years of chemo, is fairly stupid. Oh well. I need to try to cut myself some slack. It was a really great, tiring session.

-I took a leave of absence from playing trivia with my regular team at my regular The Tavern tonight. Jason’s in town and was drafted by his sister and cousins (who I also grew up with) to play trivia at a different The Tavern (on Old South Gaylord), where they’ve been playing for awhile. They were kind enough to invite me along tonight. They’re a great, fun group that I like being around, and, of course, we had a lot of fun.

The highlight of the night, though, was running into Jason and my math teacher from sophomore year of high school, who was playing trivia on an opposing team. We named our team after him, because we thought it was funny (and it was). While he seemed to think the team name was funny, he didn’t really seem to take note of who we were, which is understandable after 12 years. However, as he was leaving, he stopped and talked to us briefly. Not only did he know both of our names, he knew what year we were in his class (1998–Jason and I had to add this up), and, most importantly of all, he remembered that we ditched his class to go see Star Wars. I’m not quite sure what that says about the kind of mark J and I left on the man, but I can tell you that he was still jealous that he couldn’t ditch teaching to go see Star Wars after all these years.

To sleep!


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