Bhutto Thoughts
Thursday December 27th 2007, 4:07 pm
Filed under: Liberty!

Bhutto placed herself in harm’s way, yes. Does that mean she should not have returned? Does that mean that she should not have been campaigning? Does that mean that assassinating her was justified? No; these are not even reasonable questions. Bhutto knowingly placing herself in harm’s way does not mean that there should not have been a real push for actual democratic reform in Pakistan.

She was not a good leader for Pakistan before; I do not dispute this. But this does not mean that she should not have been running, and it does not mean that a real, EU-sanctioned election could not have been a catalyst for real reform in Pakistan.

It means that Pakistan is an even more dangerous place than we have been thinking–and by most thinking, we’ve been considering it pretty dangerous for a while now. It’s a powder keg for so many reasons, and hopefully with the help of the international community–which Musharraf has shown great disdain for in recent months–a peaceful resolution and forward plan will be reached soon.

We can watch, we can hope, we can offer support, but ultimately we can only hope for the best right now. And we must hope for the best, because of the importance of the country in the world today.


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