BMT Day 44: Inside Out, Migraines, Stupid Migraines.
Sunday June 28th 2015, 11:07 pm
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I had a migraine most of the day that prevented me from sleeping. I can only take Tylenol or one of two different narcotics to manage my pain.  While the Tylenol helps with headaches, it doesn’t touch migraines.  The narcotics don’t touch headaches of any kind.  That was less than ideal.

Luckily, before my migraine started, my dad took me to see an early matin√©e of Inside Out, Disney Pixar’s latest film.  It was great.  The animation was great, the casting was great, and most importantly, the story was great.  I have to agree with my friend Jason that Pete Docter is the best writer/director at Pixar.  Between this outing, Monsters, Inc. and Up, his portfolio is pretty amazing. 

And before you ask, I did get permission to go to restaurants and movie theaters with the understanding that the fewer people that are there, the better.  I even wore a mask so people would avoid me

We watched the first episode of the final season of Falling Skies tonight and then Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, both of which were good, but would’ve been better without a migraine. 

I think I’m going to try sleeping again and hope for the best.  Goodnight!


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Reid, I haven’t commented before. I know your dad and I work at PSL where we also have a bmt unit. I see patients come and go over and over. I think you are one brave and wise man. Brave because you live with this process of pain and discomfort every day. Wise because you are telling your story. The good, bad and ugly parts of this nasty disease.
I am honored to read your truth and hope that at some time, it will all set you free.

Comment by Marci auerbach 06.29.15 @ 1:30 am

I too get migraines – I can’t imagine having the fortitude to go to a movie when suffering from one. Thanks for the Mr. Robot recommendation, I watched it yesterday and enjoyed it! Today I will see Inside Out thanks to your review.

Comment by Karen 06.29.15 @ 7:25 am

Reid! I just saw Inside Out, too! It was so fantastic! Phyllis Smith was perfect as “Sadness.” I cried at the end. I was so pleased by the overall message and how they depicted memory and dreams (influenced by the memories of the day). The character designs and animation were beautiful. I also loved Richard Kind (Bing Bong) and Lewis Black (Anger). I just kept thinking of Jason’s dad! :-P I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. Sorry about the migraines. I’ve had one migraine headache in my life and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy :-( I hope they pass soon! You’re frequently in my thoughts. *HUG* Glad to hear the BMT is progressing well so far.

Comment by Susan 06.29.15 @ 9:35 pm

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