BMT Day 46: More Than A Migraine.
Tuesday June 30th 2015, 10:31 pm
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I’ve been having bad headaches fairly continuously for the past several days.  I noticed that my headaches grew worse, the right side of my neck was getting tight and then tighter and tighter still.  It hurt to rotate my head up and down or from side to side.

At first I figured I must be sleeping on it weird, but as no positional changes seemed to fix it, I became suspicious that it was something more devious. I had a big lymph node on the back of my neck, basically connecting the right part of my neck with the base of my migraine headaches. 

My mom and I decided to be vigilant, so we called the outpatient BIC, who had us come in right away.  I was feeling dizzy, so my mom pushed me around in a wheelchair.

We met with the Nurse Practitioner, who was concerned that I might have a clot along my line, which goes through my heart and curls back up and goes through my subclavian artery, which delivers blood to my brain. (Please feel free to correct this if you’re a scientist.)

Luckily, we had just scanned this area with an ultrasound and a CAT scan last week.  So, when I got my ultrasound today, it was very easy to compare.  There’s nothing on the right side from last week that appears concerning. Today, however, the blood vessels in my neck look smaller.  

The thought is that I have a blood clot forming.  I was put on another shot that should help my body along in breaking down this blood clot.  It should get better after ten days, but I’ll need to use it for three months. 

The reason my head is hurting so much could definitely be that my brain’s not getting enough oxygen, because this newly formed clot is blocking the blood from its destination.   

In conclusion, while I may not be happy about receiving these painful shots every day, I’m very glad my mom and I acted on instinct and got into the BIC quickly. It may very well have saved my life. 


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I am sorry to hear that you now have to take daily shots to eliminate this blood clots and prevent future blood clots but very glad that you took the persistent pain as a sign that you needed to get checked out and you caught this in time. <3

Comment by Krista Harris 06.30.15 @ 11:58 pm

So glad you went to get this checked out! It definitely saved your life to be so pro active with listening to your body and knowing something wasn’t right! Hang in there, Reid!

Comment by Jackie Honeyfield 07.01.15 @ 5:52 am

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