BMT Day 62: Long Day At The Hospital; Longer Day Tomorrow!
Thursday July 16th 2015, 10:30 pm
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Today was a longer day in the hospital than we’d imagined it was going to be. We knew we were were going in for BIC and meeting with a Nurse Practitioner (NP), but some unexpected things arose. My platelets have gone way down, so I’m only on a half dose of my anticoagulant medication. Unfortunately, I still need platelets to make sure I don’t bleed out during tomorrow’s procedure on my lymph nodes. I can’t take my anticoagulant the day of my procedure, for fear that I’ll bleed too much. In fact, I had a bag of platelets infused today, so there’s no question I’ll have enough for tomorrow when I get another bag infused.

There was a lot of talk with the NP, Kerry, who I really like, about how many things she’s tested my lymph nodes in general they might be and how many things she’s specifically checked to see what’s causing their infection. But she just can’t figure it out, which is why I’m having another lymph node biopsy tomorrow. Hopefully one of the lymph nodes in my neck with be especially revealing. I have a bigger one than I’ve ever had before, so hopefully it will be quite revealing. Also, I really don’t like needles stuck in my neck while I’m awake or even “consciously sedated,” meaning they don’t put me all the way out–they just aim to make me loopy. So I’m hoping this is the last biopsy.

I have to show up at 8:30AM tomorrow to get another platelet transfusion to make sure I’m over 50,000 platelets before the procedure tomorrow. If that works out, it should be a long morning of waiting, because I can’t eat before the procedure, and I still don’t feel very good at all. I’d say today was one of the worst days. Hopefully I can get some sleep in.

We’re due to check in at Noon at IR, where I’m supposed to go under the needles at 1:00. However, having been there before, I know things hardly run on time. We’ll cross our fingers.

The coolest thing is that, if the timing works out right, someone from my Online Cancer Group is going to come say hi while I’m recovering. That’ll make it all worth it. I’m very excited about that.

All right, I need to make sure to get up early and have my wits about me, so I’m going to sign off on that note.



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Good luck tomorrow! I hope the biopsy will be revealing and will be the last one you will need. I’m so glad you might get to visit with someone from the support group; that would be great! I will be thinking about you and hoping for an uncharacteristically on time procedure.

Comment by Krista Harris 07.16.15 @ 10:53 pm

Hey Reid, thinking of you and sending as much comfort and hope as possible for tomorrow. May you get some answers…man, you deserve a break! Also, strongly wishing for you that the timing works out so you may connect with your Online Cancer Support Group friend. I really, really hope that works out for you. Stay ReidStrong and know that you are surrounded by many who care.

Comment by Karen 07.16.15 @ 11:59 pm

Thinking about you this a.m. & hoping this lymph node decides to share some secrets! Hang in there! You are amazing!

Comment by Jackie Honeyfield 07.17.15 @ 5:57 am

Reid, Your commitment to writing no matter the brevity on this part of your journey inspires me. I don’t know how it feels to you. I am heartened by your focus on what appears to be a difficult task during what is clearly an exhausting and painful time. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about being Reidstrong and have a couple of pictures that I’ll post on your Facebook wall. You are truly heroic!

Comment by Scott Esserman 07.17.15 @ 8:26 am

Prayers for you and your family today, Reid! I hope the biopsy will give you and your health care providers the information needed to help you feel better.

Comment by Dani Newsum 07.17.15 @ 8:44 am

Reid, I started following your blog because I care about you and your family. I, also, know your dad from wayyyy back when he and Brad were in school together. I have continued to follow and want to support you in any way possible because you’re amazing and strong and such an incredible example of fortitude. I think of you every day and am inspired to be a better, stronger person because of you. Hope, from the bottom of my heart, you get answers tomorrow. TLC

Comment by Tarri Lozow Cleveland 07.17.15 @ 4:54 pm

Sending my thoughts and prayers to you as you experience these new hurdles. You have always stood out to me as someone of strength and compassion and being able to follow your journey has forced me to look at how I view each day in my own life. Thank you for showing how to fight.

Comment by Josh 07.24.15 @ 4:11 pm

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