Bone Marrow Results: Slow Response
Friday December 21st 2007, 10:31 pm
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The hoped 80% > 5% drop in leukemia in my bone marrow unfortunately did not happen. The percent of leukemia cells is hovering around 20%. This means that while I’m responding to treatment, I’m doing it slower than the doctors would hope.

When patients respond slower like this, there is a greater risk of resurgence of the leukemia after remission. There is also an increased chance that the leukemia will sneak into my spinal fluid and brain. Both would be bad.

With all this in mind, another phase of treatment will be added of intense chemo and, for the first time, radiation. This won’t happen during the first 28 day treatment, which will stay on course as planned.

This is disappointing news, but ultimately, is not something the doctors don’t know how to deal with. There are layers and layers of plans and decision trees for every inevitability, and this is no different. The doctors’ confidence at every new surprise gives me confidence that we can face these challenges as they arise, however disappointing they may be.

I got panicked about the uncertains today; I sweat some of the small stuff. But that’s going to drive me mad if I give into it too much. There’s too much big stuff I can’t control or foresee (progressing slow, resisting insulin) to worry about that stuff.

The blood sugars have been good today.

A lot going on in my head, having trouble getting it typed out well. I’ve been finding TV and movies hard and unappealing to follow, and trying to sort my thoughts out here about the things that are bothering me is feeling similarly frustrating right now.

Sisters leave for Israel tomorrow for 10 days. They’ve been a great source of strength, and I will miss them. I am excited for both of their opportunities to go and what they will be doing there, and am happy they have elected not to change their plans. I will be happy when they are back, though.


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gET BETTAH SUN REED11!!!11!!!!

Comment by Sweetah 12.22.07 @ 1:03 pm

Hey Reid,
Hope you’re feeling alright, despite all the nonsense this week. I guess I just wanted to say hi, and sorry, and thanks, and good luck, and I will be checking in to see how things are going every once in a while. You’re family is really cool and it was great to meet all of you, next time under happier circumstances I hope. Shoot me an e-mail if you want, I never mentioned that you’re living my dream – telling jokes in NYC. I would love to hear more. Anyway, till next time. -Mike (um… the funny-looking resident from TCH)

Comment by Mike 12.22.07 @ 8:53 pm

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