Breastfeeding In Public: A Non-Offensive Blog Entry About A Non-Offensive Topic
Friday August 09th 2013, 5:23 pm
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Over the past several years, several of my friends (women, mostly) have been giving birth to babies, a particularly popular group of people to whom birth is often given. I have reason to believe the exponential increase in friends with babies correlates directly with the exponential increase, over the same time period, in the number of articles I’ve seen posted on Facebook about the controversy surrounding breastfeeding in public. Although I’ve been aware of this issue my entire life–having once been a baby, myself–I’ve never understood its detractors.

Of those people who are offended by seeing a woman breastfeeding a baby in public, I don’t understand what part of them is offended. Does it strike them as raunchy? I’ll admit that I’m passingly familiar with the concept of women’s breasts being sexualized. I mean, I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere. But breastfeeding babies isn’t that–it’s something different altogether. And I truly don’t understand why people have trouble making that distinction. Women have been breastfeeding babies for as long as women have been having babies (a really, really long time, scientifically speaking). It seems like an absolutely, downright crazy part of life to get upset about.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things in life to get upset about, if you want to expend your energy that way. Breastfeeding in public just doesn’t seem like one of those things. In fact, if anyone wants a list of reasonable things to get upset about, you can send me a hundred dollars ($100). I won’t send you anything in return, especially not the list of reasonable things to be upset about that I just implied I’d send you upon receipt of your (my) hundred dollars. Then you’ll understand what it feels like to have something reasonable to be upset about.

Thanks to Jesse Hilb Akos for inspiring this particular post today, and to all of my other friends who are mothers (women, mostly) that are vocal about this subject.


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