Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Iran and All Who Seek Liberty…
Monday February 07th 2011, 11:59 pm
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(updated 2-8-11: I take full responsibility for causing critical joke failure at the end of this entry)

This one’s for you, revolutionaries!

Revolution 9

Yep, this was the most active thing I felt up to doing today. And man, did it wear me out.

“Why does your family have a fridge magnet George Washington?” you may ask. A better different question is why don’t you have a fridge magnet George Washington?

UPDATE (2-8-11): I knew when I posted this that it was wah-wah. However, I did not realize that the reference was too convoluted and obscure, thus rendering this entry confusing rather than amusing. I fully admit to comedic defeat without any excuses or justifications. I won’t even bring up that I produced this nugget while feeling crappy from chemo, which makes me scatterbrained and delusional. I would never bring up that chemo sometimes blocks the humor center of my brain. And I wouldn’t even think about explaining that in my delirious state it was amazing I could even pick up a pen, let alone think of such a clever reference that I can’t understand how you don’t get.

I take total and complete responsibility for this critical joke failure that chemo caused.


My Monday As A Peanuts Comic Strip: I Feel Great!
Tuesday October 05th 2010, 1:43 am
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I woke up Monday feeling refreshed from a very long night of good sleep. I felt better in every respect, including a reprieve from the painful neuropathies in my legs and feet. I seemed in good enough condition to go get my flu vaccine. Although The Children’s Hospital has none (which is awful, but a topic for another day), every store with a pharmacy has tons of vaccines.

I got my shot, and, wouldn’t you know it, not fifteen minutes later I started feeling crappy again. I don’t mean I got the flu, or that I had some other bad reaction to the vaccine. If I were to guess, which I will, I’d say that when I got the vaccine, my good white cells were all called in to investigate, found all of the vaccine’s papers to be in order, allowed it to proceed from my arm into the rest of my body, and then went out to celebrate at the Epstein Bar. Unfortunately, after getting wasted, the white cells realized that one of the newer recruits had put up one of those novelty “Gone Metabolizin'” signs on the station door, instead of the official “We’re All Definitely Still Inside, So Don’t Try Anything, Cause We’ll Totally Come Inflame You” sign.

That served as an invitation to every lowlife virus, bad bacteria, and even some chemo drugs on the take in my body to party at White Cell Station, knowing all the white cells would be out for awhile. The white cells rushed back as fast as they could, but the place had been trashed by the time they got back. There were platelets everywhere and many of leukemia and chemo’s best side effects who had been locked up, including neuropathy, headache and loss of appetite had broken out to go cause trouble elsewhere. That’s my medical analysis, anyway.

Check out this comic strip I created using Charles Schultz’s Peanuts to sum up Monday in more lay terms for all of you non-medical types out there:

My Monday As A Peanuts Comic Strip

I was finally feeling better, and not just a bit better; I was feeling well. Aaaand then I had to rush home so I could sleep all day. I hate the unpredictability of my body due to chemo. I can say, with complete certainty, that chemo will not be missed when I’m done with it. That’s gotta hurt, knowing that. Sorry chemo, but that’s just the way it is.


P.S. I was originally going to spell her name “Leucykemia,” but I ended up choosing “Lucykemia” to make the name clearer. What do you think?
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