The Twisted Murder Of Civil Unions
Monday May 14th 2012, 11:59 pm
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Last week, Colorado’s civil unions bill was put into a legislatively-induced coma. Today, it was flat out murdered.

Civil unions are supported by a majority of Coloradans. The civil unions bill passed through three different Republican-controlled committees. It passed through the Democratically-controlled Senate. Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper enthusiastically promised to sign it. It had enough bipartisan support in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to pass. The bill seemed well on its way to becoming a law. Except the House didn’t pass it–they were never even allowed to vote on it.

Last week, a group of Republicans ensured the bill would not be put up for a vote, running down the clock on their legislative session before it could be voted upon. Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty explained, “the timing is such that we’re simply not able to work through that impasse.”

However, when given time by Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper today in the form of a special legislative session, instead of working through any impasse, Mr. McNulty simply killed the bill. He referred the bill to a Republican-controlled “kill committee,” the House State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. This fourth committee had nothing to do with the bill, whatsoever. It was simply made up of enough Republicans willing to oppose it, so as to ensure that the House would never get to vote on it.

Cheating those that disagree with you of their right to vote is simply undemocratic. It is un-American. In this case, it has been employed as a tactic by an ever decreasing minority that considers itself so righteous that it can ignore the will of the people. At best, this will be seen as an embarrassing and shameful delay in the inevitable granting of equal rights to all Coloradans.

History will not be kind to you and your comrades, Mr. Speaker.


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