From the hospital to home to more doctors’ offices.
Friday January 08th 2010, 3:16 am
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I am home from the hospital, but still quite tired and weak.

I must again thank all my friends, whether you’re friends from my physical world or my virtual one, for your outpouring of support. I have been overwhelmed with your kindness and your naming of bar trivia teams after me.

Since my release from the hospital, I’ve actually seen more doctors than I saw in the hospital. There’re all sorts of things wrong with me–all of which, I am assured, will be fixable in some way. It may take quite a lot of time and pain, but it will all be fixed. I’m blaming cancer for all of this. That’s right, I’m calling you out, my Leukemia.

My doctors are still waiting for something to grow in some conclusive manner on one of the many Petrie dishes on which they spread my lung goo. Meanwhile, I still have that unidentified goo in my lungs. I’m getting a lot of much-needed sleep, which is still being interrupted by some really impressive coughing fits. I have not coughed up anymore blood, though, which is a good thing.

We had a great Better Than The Machine meeting this evening that I was able to attend via videoconferencing. We haven’t had a regular meeting in what feels like a long, long time. Everyone was there and we got some stuff sorted out that’s needed sorting out for quite some time. New producer? The newly re-carred Carlos. This is the dawning of The Age of Cabrera! It was a lot of fun getting to brainstorm as a group again and even approaching that level where our creative energy moves seamlessly between us; we’re a little rusty, but we’ll be back in top form in no time. I think we were all missing it, and everyone seemed to be genuinely excited that we’re going to be meeting to write and brainstorm regularly again. It was great just laughing with those guys. It always is (even when it makes me cough up a lung).

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not draw your attention to Matt Gallo’s memoirs, which have just been published. Tonight, he gave Better Than The Machine a world exclusive preview, indicating that his memoirs “might include punctuation.” No, that’s not right. I am lying. Matt wouldn’t give us any preview, so I made that up. He is a shrewd business man, that Matt Gallo. “No freebies,” that’s his motto… that I also just made up. You can–nay, must!–buy the book that includes Matt’s memoirs on right now (note: this is a real link to buy this real book on the real, not something I made up, nor another absolutely stunningly clever link to an image). Congrats on being published, Matt!

I think that’s everything I’m willing to say under oath right now.

Not necessarily as clever as advertised. Hospital playset sold separately.

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