Geeking Out and Ranting! Just Breathe, Reid!
Monday July 25th 2011, 11:59 pm
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Today was a 4. Despite some migraines, I got a lot done today.

I never figured out what I wanted to add to my to-do list yesterday. I can only imagine that whatever it was is now floating about, directionless, like so many other there-and-gones. Someday it will bump into someone, and for reasons they cannot explain, that person will have the uncontrollable urge to write “give away more socks” on whatever is right in front of them. It will probably be their boss’s shiny bald head or some kind of small dog, like a Yorkie.

I did manage to knock off several things that had made it to my to-do list from my to-do list. I’ve been using Gmail’s built in to-do list app, which is very straightforwardly named “Tasks,” since it was added to Gmail in December 2008. I had to look that date up, by the way, it wasn’t like I knew it off the top of my head. I’m not some kind of Google date memorizing guy or anything. Uh, the thing about Tasks that always bothered me was that I had to be in Gmail to access it, and even then, it was easy to lose it and forget about it. Recently, though, I discovered an official extension for Google Chrome (my web browser of choice) that lets you view and edit your Tasks any time. I’ve found it to be very useful.

Some really cool people pimp their cars, and some really pale people pimp their web browsers. *Ahem*

Right. Anyway, I got a lot of stuff done, which felt really good. It’s nice to get more than one thing on my list done in a day.

What else? My weekly standing Tuesday appointment of the last three years officially became my weekly standing Monday appointment today. That went well. After that, I got two separate migraines. Not due to the appointment switching days. Unrelated to the appointment in any way. I’m not sure why I got them at all. I really, really cannot wait to be off all my chemo-era pain meds so that [Reason #436]: I can take migraine relief medication that’s stronger than Excedrin, but isn’t a narcotic. Those are my two current options.

I also watched way too much of the manufactured political drama Debt Ceiling: Battleground 2011 that everyone’s been talking about. It seemed good at first. There were great characters, high stakes, and killer dialogue. Then there was some awesome compromise, and it seemed like everything would be resolved–but that fell apart. Man, it made for great TV! But then they just repeated that same formula over and over in every episode. It was like, “it worked once, why not keep doing the same thing?” Now there’s zero reason to follow it anymore–you’ve seen one of these story arcs, you’ve seen ’em all.

Ugh. What a really, really, pathetic state of affairs. I’m not happy with anybody right now. Not the President, not the Congress, not the media. And while I’m not happy with any of those institutions, I’m actually mad at the Tea Party, who I think are largely responsible for holding the country’s future hostage right now. I hate the divisiveness. I hate that compromise now means, “do it my way.” I hate that reelection takes priority over common sense, working together, and standing up for one’s principles. Not to mention making real, significant, lasting change for the good of the country.

Oh, what I would give for a politician like Teddy Roosevelt, who announced in 1904, after trouncing his opponent in the presidential election, that he would not seek another term. He was wildly popular and could have easily won another term, but instead, he pursued many policies and programs that he believed in, even though they were not politically popular. And guess what? Due to the success of those policies and programs, he left the Oval Office more popular than ever. There’s no one in Washington today that I’d compare.

Okay, I’m fairly sure I know what caused my migraines. Hoo. Wow. Breathe, Reid. The debt ceiling can’t hurt you tonight. Just breathe.

And, of course, we finished up the day by watching television on demand. We watched the second episode of a new Syfy show called Alphas. It’s kind of like Heroes, except stuff actually happens.

Wow, all that ranting and geeking out drained me good. I’m out.


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