Good day, Goodnight!
Thursday July 28th 2011, 1:46 am
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Today was a 5. I’m super tired from doing fun things with friends. Aaaaand not sleeping great last night.

Real brief:

-Went to lunch with my friend Krista, which was a lot of fun. We’re this close [ ] to figuring out all the details of our top secret creative project. Oh, at lunch, we overheard two women who work in the field of “faith based cancer treatment.” Oy gevalt.

-Played poker at Matt and Coreycondo Sullivans’ house with a bunch of other friends I’ve met through them over the years. We played way, way, way too late. I think this is going to become a weekly or bi-weekly affair, so we might need to set some rules about how late into the night it can go. I was one of the final four players, but I was getting so tired, I wasn’t realizing when I was supposed to be dealing or which cards I was supposed to hold (this seems like more than two cards… oh, this is the deck?). I was put out of my misery by Matt, and J and Rob mercifully agreed to split the third and second place winnings so that we could be done and go home. Despite any complaints, it was a lot of fun; I was simply too tired to win the game of attrition.

-I knew when it was ten o’clock Mountain Time because of all the birthday wishes coming in from the East Coast dinging on my phone, which I didn’t want to answer during the game. Thanks everyone! I’ll read them all tomorrow (later today)! I’m going to spend the next several hours of my birthday in a deep sleep.



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