“Goodbye Mediport, Hello ER!” and Other Post-Chemo Adventures
Monday June 20th 2011, 5:24 pm
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Last Monday, I had the mediport in my chest removed. Even though I have a long road of recovery ahead of me, this was a victory. The removal of the port represents no longer being bound to the hospital. It adds to the feeling of finality my chemotherapy saga. While the port in my skull (called an “ommaya reservoir”) is permanent, it was only used occasionally, I can’t feel it in my head, and it hasn’t been used since last autumn. The mediport, on the other hand, was something I could feel in my chest. It formed my central line and was in use from the beginning right up until the end. Its removal separates me further from my time on chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, after the outpatient surgery to remove the port, my hand started hurting. The hand that the IV had been in that was used for anesthesia. It kept hurting all week and eventually became swollen. My mom got out the tape measure just to see how much bigger it was than my other hand: a lot. We went into the ER on Saturday and after some testing, it was determined that I have a clot in my lower arm. Since it is where it is, it should be treatable with ibuprofen. Ibuprofen not only helps with the pain, but is also a blood thinner. Ironically, as is standard practice, I was told not to take it for 48 hours before my surgery.

Having had far worse clots in three appendages all at the same time (2008, after hemorrhagic pancreatitis) due to having PICC lines attached to every available part of my body, this seems to be just an annoyance. I mean it hurts, but I don’t have to constantly get shots of anticoagulants night and day. Also I spelled “anticoagulants” right. I had trouble with “ibuprofen.” But I got it, don’t worry.

I’m sleeping a lot. I’ve gone from insomnia to hypersomnia. No sleep to Rip Van Winkle. I slept for 20 hours one day! That was crazy. I think my body is repairing itself, building my new immune system, and making up for lost zzzs. I’m fairly exhausted whenever I’m awake. I had that awful sinus infection (Sinfection) for about a month, during which I slept a tremendous amount. I’m not sick now, just very sleepy. Which is good! It’s another annoyance, but I can deal with sleepy.

Hey! Whaddayaknow! The Doc just called. It’s the return of a classic! Yes, despite being surgically removed thrice, there is a cyst in my right humerus. If you’ve been around for a long time, you might remember it as the cyst in my right humerus that ate all the bone marrow in my right humerus and caused my right humerus to shatter. His name is Larry. He’s a real bastard.


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God I wish I could sleep for 20 hours one day. I barely get any sleep lately. That sounds like heaven.

Comment by CJ 07.11.11 @ 6:55 am

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