Fun Hanging Out With Friends, Boo, and Guster. Notsomuch With This Stupid Bug.
Friday January 14th 2011, 11:39 pm
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Mobile post. Riding shotgun in Louie.

Louie is Boo’s VW. He is a Jetta. He was raised by Germans. He may be known as “something something something – LUI” to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, but he’s always been “Louie” to me, ever since Boo explained to me why she calls him that about ten minutes ago.

We’re heading home from seeing Guster kick off their 2011 tour at the Ogden Theater here in Denver.

Before the show, we went to the Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe with friends who were also attending the concert: Loren, Laura, Brandon, Leah, Adam and Becca. A different Becca. There were two Beccas, but only one was my sister. Rebecca. Boo. She and I didn’t quite know what to expect from a restaurant with the words “cheeky” “monk” “Belgian” or the term “beer cafe” in its name. It didn’t take long to decide we both really liked it. They had lots of good beer there and the food was good, too. I ordered a beer called Delirium, because I suffered from that scary neuropsychological disorder in June 2009, the last time I had pancreatitis, and since we were toasting my being less than four months away from putting all this chemotherapy and its side effects behind me, well, I’m sure you can see how there was no way I couldn’t order a Delirium.

When I got the glass with the elephants on it that Delirium is served in, I realized that I had had Delirium (the beer) before, at least five years ago at a bar Christina worked at in NYC. She recommended it to me after the bar stopped carrying Éphémère Apple Beer, a delicious apple based beer (not a cider) brewed by Québécois brewery Unibroue (French for “one long eyebrow”)(not really). Éphémère was the first beer I ever tasted that I liked and that made me say, “Hey, I could probably drink other beers, too.” Christina had introduced Amy and I to Éphémère one weekend and when we went back the next weekend for more, it was gone, and in its place was Delirium. Which was good, but it was not Éphémère. Christina quit over this disaster in customer relations. Or at least that’s how I remember it.

Man we’re home, so I guess this mobile post will now become a stationary post. I’ll finish this inside.

Boring old stationary post. Sitting at my desk.

All right, let’s see where I left off. Somewhere totally unrelated to anything that happened tonight. That figures, since the reason I was writing this in Boo’s car was that I’m not feeling well and didn’t want to have to hold up going to bed by typing this up when we got home. So of course, instead of giving a brief overview of the day’s most exciting events, I wrote about Boo’s car and a beer I have not had for at least five years.

I did not wake up this morning, because I never fell asleep last night. Not once, not ever. I slept through much of the day, but even when I awoke from this makeup sleep, I still felt icky because of the stupid bug I’ve contracted. I had somewhere to be, though, and I really wanted to go hang out with Boo and our friends. So I used bug repellent, went to the Cheeky Monk with Boo and all those other people we like, and then we went to the main event of the evening, seeing Guster perform. Well, seeing Guster perform was supposed to be the main event, and it was a great concert, but Boo found a place for us to be in the theater where I could sit down when I needed to, at the expense of her being able to see Guster perform. I felt bad, but she told me that she has plenty of experience not being able to see the performers at concerts. This is because she is the size of a peanut. It was still exceptionally nice of her to take care of me at the expense of being able to see the band.

The show was a lot of fun. For the second encore (after a first encore of three or four songs), Guster played “Under The Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now you have to understand that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are another one of my very favorite bands. So, when I heard those instantly identifiable chords from one of the best songs from the past 20 years, I was ecstatic. A smashup of two of my favorite, albeit very different bands. It was going to be just like when Guster weaved “Jolene” by CAKE into “Demons,” another meeting of two of my favorite songs by two of my favorite bands played to great success by Guster. I couldn’t wait to hear their take on “Under The Bridge.” Then, Brian Rosenworcel started singing.

Brian is a legendary conguero, percussionist and drummer. His skills in those areas are amazing to behold. He is referred to by fans as the “Thundergod,” due to his mastery of the percussive arts. However, he has, quite possibly, one of the worst singing voice of anyone, anywhere, ever. Or at least he plays it up that way. This was funny to A) Guster and B) most of the sold out house of 1,300 Guster fans. It was not funny to people who had never been to a Guster concert before, like Boo, who asked me questions like, “Why are they playing this Red Hot Chili Peppers song for their encore?” and “Why is he singing this Red Hot Chili Peppers song in a way that is making my ears bleed?” (I may have paraphrased.) I explained that sometimes they just do funny and/or endearing things; I’m not sure she was so convinced.

Even though we were both really tired and I was feeling really cruddy, we waited around, because I scored us a pair of after-show passes to “hang out with the band.”

I got these passes because, in 2002, I became a Guster rep. To become a rep, I had to buy five Guster CDs, which I was supposed to sell to people unfamiliar with the band. As a reward for doing this, I got to go to exclusive rep concerts and I received all kinds of exclusive rep swag like a t-shirt and EPs by the band made for their reps. Some reps sold hundreds of CDs. I sold two. I sold them to my roommate Aaron, who I’m not sure ever listened to them. I think I still have the other three unopened CDs somewhere. I figured Guster never needed to be bothered with any of that information.

Fast forward to last week, when Guster put out a notice that if anyone still had their rep badge from the old days, the band would give them after-show passes for any show in 2011. I don’t have my badge here in Denver, so I sent an email to the band explaining my extenuating circumstances, asking if I could still get those after-show passes despite my lack of badge. In a display of genuine good guy-ness, they gave me the passes.

As I said, Boo and I were both very tired and I was not feeling well, so we didn’t stick around at the after-show party for too long. Only long enough to talk to the Thundergod for a few minutes and get our pictures taken with him. Maybe I’ll post that picture here tomorrow. Maybe. He helped me a lot with the very detailed Gusterography website I created back when I was a truly obsessive fanatic in my early college years (and which still exists, but is now maintained by someone else). So getting to talk to him for a few minutes and critique his butchering of “Under The Bridge” was fun.

Then Boo and I left the theater, got into Louie, and I started writing this post.

The end.


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For the record: I once went to a Guster concert here in Grand Forks. There were about 1200 people in attendance. It was awesome!

Comment by Martin Rottler 01.15.11 @ 3:23 pm

That’s both unbelievable and awesome. I never would have guessed that the entire population of the state of North Dakota would like Guster enough to all go see them perform live in Grand Forks.


Comment by Reid 01.16.11 @ 2:42 am

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