I Don’t Care If The Glass Is Half-Empty Or Half-Full; I’m Just Thirsty.
Thursday April 22nd 2010, 1:01 am
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Who came up with this whole glass half-empty or half-full concept? As far as I am concerned, this metaphor is old and boring; frankly, it has exhausted its usefulness. Why, kids today are hardly even aware of its existence, let alone where they stand on the issue of how much water is in the glass. I don’t want to get beat to the punch here like we did with that whole “dead horse” fiasco. Let’s just go ahead do away with this stodgy old figure of speech and roll out a new hipper, edgier, sexier metaphor. Something cool the kids will pick up on. I’ve got it! From now on, there is no glass, there is no water. From now on, you see the situation as half-clothed, while I see it as half-naked. Genius!


P.S. Maybe we should go with “nekkid” instead of “naked”; kids just love misspelling things these days!

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This is pretty brilliant.

Comment by Dave 04.22.10 @ 10:06 am

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