I Hope You Like Jamming Too.
Monday January 03rd 2011, 12:13 am
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I’m really happy to say that I felt good today.

Dad and I saw a movie and then we kind of jammed. He jammed very well on the guitar, the keyboard and the drums. I jammed my ego into the ground. It turns out not regularly playing can impact one’s ability to play an instrument. Especially when that instrument really requires calluses. Ow, it’s hard to type with my dainty lady fingers hurting.

Personal Goal: record a song and post it on the Internet by the end of the month.
I’ve been saying I was going to do this since 2003 (that’s before YouTube existed, kids), when I completed writing my first song with a guitar. It was called “Pastrami On Rye.” At least I think that’s what it was called. My old compy had tons of recordings of songs I had written by myself at four o’clock in the morning and lyrics and musical notations, but I don’t know if any of that still exists. Including my old computer. I fear many potential hits of our generation may be lost forever.

If I didn’t have chemobrain, I’m convinced I would be able to sit down, strum a few chords and my brain would click and say, “This is how guitars are played. Related articles include: Songs Reid Wrote and Better Songs. Just like riding a bike! Years and years may have passed, but once you put your foot on the pedal, the part of your brain dedicated to bicycles kicks in and you’re off. Unless you have chemobrain, in which case, once you put your foot on the pedal, the part of your brain dedicated to self preservation kicks in and you disassemble the bike and send its parts to the four corners of the earth so that it won’t be able to sneak up on you while you’re sleeping and ring its bell in your face.

Maybe that’s just me.

I’m hoping I will still be feeling good tomorrow. I have some anxiety because now I’m up to finishing projects I started last time I felt good and I’d really like to finish at least one. We’ll see what happens. I want to finish cleaning my room, finish hanging some pictures and, hell, maybe I’ll even record a song and put it on the Internet.


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I’d totally buy it on iTunes

Comment by Lauren McCullough 01.07.11 @ 8:48 am

Please lower your expectations to “I’d totally download it from Limewire” until you actually hear it. Then, who knows? Maybe those low expectations will lead you to upgrade your initial opinion all the way to “I’d totally buy it on CD from a physical building that sells music, if only such a thing existed.”


Comment by Reid 01.09.11 @ 1:26 am

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