I’m Really Ready To Do All Those Things I Want To Do
Sunday January 30th 2011, 11:05 pm
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Despite being very fatigued after last night, only having slept for three hours and still generally feeling chemo’d, I hung out with Reiman today. It was important to me to do so and it would have taken a lot (a lot more, anyway) for me to turn down a good old fashioned hang. I think Reiman was only in town for about 48 hours, so I’m happy we got to spend a good chunk of time together, between the Geek Bowl last night and getting lunch and shooting the breeze today. It was great catching up with him before he had to return to the City of Brotherly Love.

Speaking of which (right here someone might state that they do not mean to go off on a tangent; I am not stating that), judging from the crime statistics of the place, it seems to me that Philadelphia calling itself the “City of Brotherly Love” is misleading. Don’t city nicknames have to make some sense? Who’s in charge of officiating these things? Shouldn’t a city’s nickname instantly portray an impression of what that city is actually like? Some fairly obvious reason for the name? For instance, Denver is the Mile High City because of its altitude, Chicago is the Windy City because it’s windy there, and New York City is the Big Apple. They all make perfect sense.

Get it together, Philly!

I hate to tell me this, but I am very close to not accomplishing my personal goal of posting a video of myself playing an original song here by tomorrow. It’s very frustrating for me to realize that I’ve been saying I would do this for several years, and for many of those years I had no excuse for not following through. Even though I actually have an excuse now, I really want to do this thing I’ve been putting off for so long. So I’m going to keep working towards this goal of sharing at least one song I wrote that wasn’t for Better Than The Machine. And the date by which I want to accomplish this goal will be the vaguely worded “not long after chemo ends.” I’d love to get this (and many other things) done before then, but if I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up.

This month I broke my own rule about not scheduling things too far out in the future. Which, right now, means any time beyond a day or two. While most of these things turned out reasonably well, the truth is that I can’t even predict how I’ll be feeling in an hour, let alone several weeks or months out. Tomorrow always arrives bearing surprises. Over the past three years, those surprises have hampered my ability to do the things I want to be doing, from seeing friends to writing books and comedy to playing music to traveling to see people who are important to me to breaking 30 . Today I was very aware that while going off chemo really freaks me out, I really can’t wait to be done with it.


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