UPDATED, UPDATED and UPDATED AGAIN! – Matt And I Did Some BTTM Stuff And A Lot Of People On The Internet Are Dumb. (The Post Formerly Known As “Is It The Rest Of The Internet, Or Am I The Dumbass?”)
Tuesday February 15th 2011, 1:08 am
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(updated 2-16-11, 5:00 PM MST: For clarification about what I wrote in this blog post, read this other blog post.)

(updated 2-16-11, Some Horrible Hour MST: I didn’t get this done, I’ll get it done later today [Wednesday]. I’m tired and don’t feel good. Stop looking at me like that. That’s not fair at all. Okay, okay, I’m sorry! Jeez! Yeah, I know. You’re right. Okay, thank you. Yeah, I’m sorry too. Let’s never fight again. Especially about my shortcomings. I love you too. Okay, goodnight.)

(updated 2-15-11, 10:30 AM MST: I appreciate all the feedback. However, I realized from that feedback that I was unclear in what I was trying to convey in the second half of this post. I’ve removed the confusing content and will update again later today.)

Today Matt Gallo saw an opportunity to update embarrassingly outdated Better Than The Machine things around the Webbernet. The group is on a hiatus that will one day be announced on the website as having been going on since April 2010. Matt and I updated a lot of things, like bttm.net, the official home of Better Than The Machine on the World Wide Web! A whole new post! For Valentine’s Day! With videos! That are not new!

While picking out old BTTM videos even distantly related to Valentine’s Day for bttm.net, I watched some other old videos I knew had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. I haven’t watched any of our videos in what feels like a very long time. I watched some of my favorite videos and some of my least favorite videos. In doing so, I was reminded of my general opinion of 95% of people inhabiting YouTube: they are dumb.

UPDATE (2-15-11, 10:30 AM MST): Confusing content removed.


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It helps me to imagine people who leave comments like C as being just another Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. They’re going to say “worst episode ever” and “you have killed all comedy” to everything no matter what.
Yes, you should just ignore these people and move on. But it’s even more amusing to poke fun at how they’ve become parodies of themselves in this day and age. I mean, you never see OTHER comedians making comments like that, right? The people who truly try to make creative efforts in this world understand. It’s only done by the perspectiveless members of the audience who are so worthless they have absolutely nothing to contribute, either due to laziness or, as you mentioned, dumbassness.

Comment by Elisa 02.15.11 @ 9:36 am

This is great, insightful advice and a great perspective for anyone who’s not a jerk on the Internet to have. Thanks Elisa.


Comment by Reid 02.16.11 @ 5:07 pm

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