New BTTM Video: “Embarrassing Holiday Confessions” + Analysis
Saturday January 16th 2010, 12:51 am
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I have a whole mess of health stuff that I’ve been waiting to post until some emotions about the subject of my ongoing health tribulations can be focused. While that hasn’t quite happened yet, I decided I should “man up” and stop avoiding blogging altogether. I very much regret not posting this particular post earlier in the week, because I really like this week’s new Better Than The Machine video and fear my non-post may have been misinterpreted otherwise. With that disclaiming out of the way, let’s take a look!

In this week’s new video, Carlos and Christina swap embarrassing holiday anecdotes and learn just how subjective the term “embarrassing” can be (it can be very subjective). Ouch.

“Embarrassing Holiday Confessions” was directed and edited by Ballard. This is the first of several short “interstitial videos” that will be released over the next month(-ish?) while The Machines are hopefully working on some more involved videos–writing them, scheduling them and filming them.

Christina came up with several really good ideas that involved she and Carlos in quick videos for these interstitials. She, Carlos and Ballard then really hammered them out and, of the original ideas Christina had come up with, two turned into really funny complete videos. This is one of those two videos, which we decided to release first since it is holiday related, and the holidays are quickly receding too far into the past, or perhaps proceeding way too far into the future. I like this video, and especially Carlos’ delightfully wonderful, straight and miserable delivery. Christina’s “that’s much worse” is super awkward, and putting the title over such a great awkward moment was just perfect.

That said, in my opinion, the other Carlos and Christina video (which will be released soon) is actually funnier. I really like this one, too, don’t get me wrong. The other one, though, had me in tears when I first watched it, and then when I watched it over and over again and again. I’m really excited for people to see it!

I’m happy that Christina and Carlos are stepping up in the void of me not being there full-time, Paul’s shituation and (hopefully) Ballard’s director-but-not-producer role this year. I missed this week’s meeting due to health issues, but I was really encouraged to hear that sketches that Christina wrote, that Carlos wrote, and maybe some stuff I wrote and/or am in the process of writing are going to be filmed next week. That was good news, well received.

I believe that the more people who are writing and submitting scripts within the group, the more teamwork that goes into fine tuning scripts, the more we bounce ideas around, the better we get at being a fully cohesive unit. In this way we have different voices in each sketch, different takes on comedy in each of our heads, but all funneled through the team to produce comedy that is distinctly Better Than The Machine. That makes me very, very excited for 2010.


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