New BTTM Video: “Hanukkah Gifts” + Analysis
Monday December 14th 2009, 3:08 pm
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First off, I’m going to start putting “+ Analysis” at the end of all the BTTM video posts in my blog. Whereas on other websites I usually copy and paste the same sort of thing (“Watch our video! Please!!!”), I normally give some behind the scenes info on my blog that I don’t post anywhere else. So if you want all the dirt, the d.l., the collector’s commentary for BTTM videos, you’ve got to come to Reid Levin Dot Net. Right, that’s that; on to this week’s video!

Happy Hanukkah! The Festival of Lights! The Jewish alternative to Christmas! Hanukkah: literally “The Festival of Eight Sub Par Gifts” in English. Oy gevalt! In Better Than The Machine’s latest video, “Hanukkah Gifts,” it’s all about the gifts!

During my most recent trip to New York City, we filmed a total of three videos with me in them (including this one), the other two of which will be released over the next two weeks (I hope people don’t feel like they’re overdosing on Reid Levin… oh well!). We filmed this particular video the last day of my trip. We were supposed to shoot a different video that I had written, but Ballard showed up to the shoot and, offended by our lack of holiday cheer, suggested that we shoot a holiday video instead.

This video officially marks the return of the 2007-Reid-Levin-style-last-minute-two-people-sitting-on-a-couch holiday sketch comedy video! Now in HD! And I love it!

I have to say that, despite being the only Jew in BTTM, it wasn’t my idea to do a Hanukkah video; it was totally Ballard’s idea. Not that I’m against Hanukkah or videos about Hanukkah or anything, it’s just that we’ve always made a Christmas video at this time of year. We even had a whole show (loosely themed) about Christmas in college called Better Than The Machine Strikes Again! (with their half-off Christmas Spectacular!). I guess I just took it for granted that someone would pull out a Christmas video for this year. Trust me when I say that I’m really glad Ballard came up with the idea of a Hanukkah video–not because it made me feel more included, but because I think it’s really funny.

Ballard, Christina and I quickly worked out all the details that afternoon and it eventually came down to this sketch about me knowing nothing about my religion or this (admittedly minor) holiday, and, in the words of the great Hindu philosopher Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, “It is a great dishonor to my ancestors and my God, but okay!”

“Hanukkah Gifts” was directed and edited by Ballard, I made the snow on the title card (super important task!) and Better Than The Machine owes a huge thanks to Cindy Reiman. We are all extremely thankful to Cindy, who opened her home so graciously to us!

Happy Holidays from Better Than The Machine! Make sure to check next Monday for a brand new video!


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