New BTTM Video: “It’s St. Patrick’s Day!” + Analysis
Monday March 15th 2010, 11:58 pm
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Grab your green beer and join Better Than The Machine in celebrating our new-found Irish heritage that we just made up because, of course, “It’s St. Patrick’s Day!”

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day!” was directed and edited by Ballard C. Boyd.

I don’t know all that much about the creation of this particular video, and what I do know is basically from emails that got crisscrossed with mine. I don’t mean to imply that’s a bad thing; in fact, I mean exactly the opposite. That I didn’t have to manage the NYC minutiae from Denver is further indication that Christina is handling the producer job very well out there, which is quite a relief for me. Also, I’m disclaiming myself in the event that anything I say happened in a certain way didn’t really happen the way I say it did. You’ve been warned!

As a response to my asking whether anyone else realized that St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, Christina showed me some ideas for a St. Patrick’s Day sketch that she had written up, and I think the gang out in NYC had bounced some ideas around which might have been part of that typed up script. At one point, I suggested that a good angle might be satirizing how many people claim Irish heritage (jokingly or not) just to act like it’s fair game when they get totally and completely knockdown, blackout stupid drunk on St. Patrick’s Day in NYC. Whenever people act stupid, I believe it is our duty to point and laugh at them, whether through a satirical comedy sketch or, in many cases, through actual pointing and laughing.

Anyway, a bassinet with a note attached appeared on my front porch. The note read, “Finished Sketch For St. Patrick’s Day.” I know better than to look a gift bassinet in the mouth (so… many… babies…), and I really like this sketch, so I don’t know what else happened to get it made. I’m fairly certain it was filmed and cut on Sunday, which I have to give Ballard some mighty big credit for, because he’s sick and it’s always nice to have more time, so that shooting and editing on the same day can be avoided. Despite these apparent handicaps, though, it looks great and it flows really nicely from scene to scene. Ballard’s apartment continues to seem like a mansion with many distinctly different rooms on video, whereas in person, if more than two people are in the apartment, they are breaking the fire code. We’ve done a pretty good job creating sketches for holidays, which has left us with quite a backlog of non-holiday sketches that have been–and continue to be–shot. Which is really good.

Matt’s great in this sketch. I especially like the hair dryer bit in which Matt looks sort of like a dog with his head out the window of a moving car. Very funny stuff. Statistics show that people love it when Matt’s on screen, so hopefully a whole sketch with a happy, liquored up, jig-dancing Matt Gallo will attract a whole crowd of people who need their days brightened. I know watching him jigging got me through a rough day of brain chemo. I just looped the video on the jig, and can only imagine that Matt’s character happily goes about his St. Patrick’s Day from there. I haven’t actually seen the end of the video beyond the jig, because I don’t really care for that particular group’s sense of humor. I dug the jig though.

I submitted the sketch to some editors of various video sites, in the hope that with the advance notice, slight as it may be, the video might get featured somewhere. So keep your four leaf clovers close and hope for a big hullabaloo!

All right, that’s quite enough brain chemo-induced silly stupor for one evening. Aaron, Go Bra! Whatever that means.

–Reid O’Levin.

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