New BTTM Video “Presidents’ Day Debate” + Analysis
Monday February 15th 2010, 1:57 am
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Better Than The Machine’s new Presidents’ Day video makes you decide if you’re on Team George or Team Abe in a debate/smackdown that pays tribute to our country’s forefathers.

The group came up with some ideas about Presidents’ Day sketches. Carlos wrote two different scripts, both of which were really funny. Ballard directed and edited the sketch with a neato keen new software toy that turned his handcam pans into smooth, smooth tracking shots. Paul and Carlos (the world’s shortest Lincoln) are totally on top of this thing–I think they’re both particularly good in this video. Of course, we mustn’t forget the second Matt Gallo cameo in as many weeks. This time, with a handle bar mustache, to boot! You just can’t beat Matt’s quick entrance into the sketch, only to be shot down immediately by Paul. You can’t. Trust me.

What did I have to do with any of this? Nothing. Nada. I just posted the video online. But–and I say this in all honesty–this has easily become one of my favorite BTTM sketches, even with the flagrant misuse of terms like “carpetbagger” and debate lingo. That’s okay, though. I’m a huge, huge Presidential history nerd and this video really hits the spot. Not only that, but I really, really like the way this was shot, with the constant smooth movement of the camera (so very smooth). It looks really sharp.

I think that very last shot with their hats flying off just as Carlos and Paul start going at each other is just brilliant. Speaking of which, my dad bought me that tricorn in colonial Williamsburg about 15 years ago. It’s served us well, so far in two very different sketches. Thanks Dad!

I also need to give Christina credit for producing her first sketch. She got people together, she tracked down costumes and she prodded some people who needed prodding. Nice work, CR.

All right, enough gushing. The crew just did a damn fine job with this one. Damn fine.


P.S. Damn fine!

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