New BTTM Video “Twilight First Date” + Analysis
Monday February 08th 2010, 6:20 pm
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It’s Valentine’s Day in Better Than The Machine’s latest video “Twilight First Date.” Interspecies human/vampire dating may sound titillating, but is this a case of eternal love gone wrong? Judge for yourself!

“Twilight First Date” was directed and edited by Ballard. He really deserves special accolades for editing during a trip to see his girlfriend and during the Super Bowl. Uproarious applause for Ballard and just as much applause for, and a big thanks from BTTM for letting us borrow him, to Kelsey.

This sketch is a big swish for teamwork. Christina and I worked on various drafts, Ballard worked on a draft, Carlos and Christina brought their A game performances, Matt Gallo played his cameo to the snarkiest degree, and some significant others (Alex and Katla) sat in the background and did some truly convincing background acting–I believed that they were a whole crowd. I’m really impressed by Ballard’s ability to make a two person conversation interesting to watch. I used to be afraid of directing those, I think.

I will admit that I saw the first Twilight movie (Twilight) under some duress. While it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, I don’t seem to have either the love-it or hate-it attitude most people seem to have towards it. What I’m more interested in is the current vampire trend–it’s just odd. I don’t understand where it came from, or how it came about. I think this obsession that a lot of girls and women have with the undead has got to mean something… although, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is. At any rate, this sketch was poking fun at the current vampire craze, rather than at Twilight or any other specific franchise or story.

The sketch actually started as a Valentine’s Day sketch with monsters, rather than a monster sketch that we’re tossing around for Valentine’s Day. And as much as I’m weirded out by (and glad we made fun of) the vampire fad, I originally pitched zombies. Other, more observant people in the group pointed out that vampires would be better. That’s why I’m glad I’m in this group, where everybody really makes one another’s ideas much, much better in a very constructive way.

I also really like the concept of vampire dentists and vampire accounts and vampire tax lawyers. They’ve got to live for an eternity unless someone kills them, so I’ve got to imagine they really must love those jobs. I wonder if there are any vampires who hold more exciting jobs. I wonder if there are any vampire astronauts or vampire rock ‘n roll stars. Weird.


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