Nine Months To Go!
Friday August 13th 2010, 7:31 pm
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Nine Months To Go! Hooray! Well, technically, I have “only” Nine Months (minus a day) To Go with my chemotherapy course. The nine month mark was yesterday, August 12, 2010. And yes, it’s capitalized. It’s a holiday meant for celebrating and taking time off from work, like Arbor Day or Flag Day.

I celebrated with Loren by seeing Guster at the Fox Theatre in Boulder last night, ten years after we saw them there last with Jason. It may very well have been their first time back at the Fox since we last saw them there. And the date was just a happy coincidence–I gave Loren the tickets for his birthday. Well, his ticket anyway.

It was a great show, and the first stop on Guster’s new tour promoting their upcoming album Easy Wonderful (which, now having heard music from, I am even more psyched to hear). It turned out that the night was actually a radio showcase, in which three bands played, and somewhere among the crowd were radio station executives deciding if they wanted to play any of the music they heard on stage on their radio stations. But, as all three bands noted, it just felt like a night of really, really good music.

In addition to seeing Guster, we were introduced to two indie bands; first, Delta Spirit, one of Ryan Miller (of Guster)’s favorite bands, as evidenced by him standing right next to Loren and I and saying “this is one of my favorite bands.” Next, we saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, an ensemble band with ten performers, including a trumpeter, an upright pianist, and a requirement that once you join their band you must be baked for every waking (and probably sleeping) moment of your life. Both bands were good, but Edward Sharpe stood out as a rare band whose album I knew I needed after they had been onstage for just a few moments. They had a lot going on, and their first song could not have possibly been more appropriate than the one the played: The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour.”

Anyway, Nine Months (minus a day) Left To Go is juuust super.


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Congrats on the 9 month mark Reid.

Guster… saw with you at Radio City Music hall (was the around the time of the black out?) and I did.. that bought their album after hearing them (4-3-2-1… barrel of a gun). Actually, that memory and the one of seeing them on a chat show (from the audience) and the memory of the black out seems to have merged into one (I know you can’t have a concert with no electricity!) . Stupid brain must be merging memories to save on space, sigh.

Comment by Aaron 08.18.10 @ 5:36 am

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