Oh man. My blog’s making a weird noise. I think it’s broken.
Saturday January 28th 2012, 12:47 am
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My blog is not working right. In fact, this post alone took an extraordinarily long time to post. I had to go into the system and fight the ghosts… and then manually boot the core back up using only a wet match, a broken plastic fork, and a proton accelerator… and then rewire all the physics and general relativity and stuff. It was very complicated work. Definitely much too hard to explain without making things up.

I wish I could take this thing into a blog garage, where there were blog mechanics and blog greasers who could just lift up the hood of my blog and they’d look at the PHP and say, “Heeey, there’s yeeer problem right there, yeeer database callsign something carburetor HTML gobbledygook moon language, I’ll get it right fixed up, buddy, tinker tinker tinker, there we are… yeeer good to go!” But there’s no such thing, so I probably have to fix it myself. I’ll probably get oil all over me.

And where’d those other two January posts go?

What a pain in the blog. I wish there were blog plumbers I could call, who would come over and plumb my blog. Let’s see here, there’s nothing in the phone book under the letter B… or the letter P… or the letter WWW. Maaaaan… I guess it may take me a while to figure this one out.


Are there still doctors that make house calls?

…for blogs? No? Damn.


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