O+M=G (Nerds+Videogames=A Post That Won’t Make Any Sense To Most People)
Tuesday December 30th 2008, 6:01 pm
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There exists a website for/by people as anal-retentive (read: crazy) as me. Standardized covers for the videogames on my bookshelf?! So this is what they call a “nerdgasm”.

You may commence making fun of me… nnnow.


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Comment by Matt Gallo 12.31.08 @ 9:18 am

PB&J & OJ = lunch

Comment by Reid 12.31.08 @ 2:06 pm

Help me out here, but I’m not seeing a final result image that causes the point to click in my head. The Zelda handheld set they had up there was tits, but I don’t know any case save the PS1 that wasn’t fairly standardized to begin with.

Comment by TWD Industries 01.05.09 @ 7:49 am

This is in response to Tucker: Tucker, I hate you a little bit more every time you use tits as an adjective.

Comment by Matt Gallo 01.05.09 @ 4:21 pm

Tucker, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. As you saw, the site was created to host artwork for Nintendo DS cases to hold not only DS games, but all sorts of Game Boy games including GB, GBC, and GBA games. Then, of course, you can see there is art to convert PS1 games to PS2 (DVD) cases. And more stuff of that nature… basically for anal-retentive people (like me) to make their collections look standardized on their shelves.

The forums on their site have a lot of pictures of completely finished collections. If you’re looking for pictures, that’d be a good place to start.


Comment by Reid 01.06.09 @ 5:13 pm

Aww Matt, you just hate it every time I pick up language from Venture Bros.

@Reid: I think what was throwing me off was the lack of knowledge of the universal game case, since the disconnect was how one would put Lynx games beside Jaguar beside Odyssey and so on. I could see it working for everything in the disk and small cartredge families due to DS and Wii cases being so dang useful, but everything before that was pretty much it’s own thing. It was hard enough finding cartredge racks that worked for more than two systems.

Comment by TWD Industries 01.07.09 @ 8:04 am

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