Radiation: So it begins! (Updated: Pictures! Animation!)
Monday December 15th 2008, 2:21 pm
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Radiation this morning at 7:15 went smoothly except that due to the weather and traffic we arrived at 7:45. The actual time it took to radiate me was about three minutes. I look forward to spending the next seven days waking up at 6 AM to go get a 3 minute dose of radiation. Quite honestly, I’m just ready to get it done. I’ve known about it for such a long time, and have passed through a gamut of emotions about it. At this point, I feel that the sooner I get it going, the sooner it will be done!

After radiation, I moved to Children’s for chemo; on today’s agenda: Ara-C, Cytoxin, and Methotrexate. I’ve already had the Methotrexate injected into my brain, which went as smoothly as ever. I am currently getting a bolus infusion intended to make me pee a lot so that when I get today’s Cytoxin, it’ll whoosh around my body, do what it needs to do, and get out. I have three hours of boluses left after I get chemo. And I need to leave my port accessed so I can give myself Ara-C at home. Where I live.

Also, somewhere in all of this, my infusion nurse Lauren “taped” my hair. My bald head had enough loose fuzz so that she could achieve her one true dream, the one she has been working towards her whole life: putting a spiral imprint in my hair. I look beautiful, but in a manly sort of way.

Clockwise from left: me; my pre-shaved, pre-spiraled hair; spiraling fiend.

My balding head, spiraled.

A Ferris is the perfect companion to any hair spiral.

Click here to see the true power of my head. You will obey!


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There is something GENUINELY disorienting about that animation.

I’m gonna try and keep my food down and watch it for another hour. Wish me luck.

Comment by Ballard C. Boyd 12.16.08 @ 7:46 am

What happened to the luthor/bendis/k. vaughn/morrison look!! :(

Comment by mister nips 12.16.08 @ 12:12 pm

You are truly amazing, sir. Continued best wishes with it all, of course.

Comment by Matt Gallo 12.16.08 @ 1:08 pm

Also, in reference to the 1st picture: Hellooo Nurse!

…Oh, come on, like I ever get a chance to say that?

Comment by Matt Gallo 12.20.08 @ 12:44 am

Please….like you didn’t LOVE IT. See…this is what a 4 year college education in nursing can teach you… live it – learn it! P.S…hope you’re feeling better – and hope you had an AMAZING xmas – you deserve it! :)

Comment by Lauren 12.28.08 @ 6:43 pm

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