Seven Months To Go! AND: I Try This Whole Going To NYC For A Wedding Thing Over Again.
Tuesday October 12th 2010, 11:46 pm
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I officially have seven months remaining of chemotherapy treatment as of today, Tuesday October 12, 2010. A friend told me how many days are left as of today, but I think the number so overwhelmed me that my brain purposefully did not commit it to memory. And what would a special day like Seven Months To Go! be like without a trip to the hospital and some fear that I would miss the second wedding in ten days? It was that kind of day. Or at least it seemed like it was that kind of day until we played trivia with friends, which was fun, and we saw the first Chilean miner emerge out of the ground after a harrowing 69 days in a collapsed mine, which was very inspiring.

Tomorrow I’m flying to New York City so that I can attend the wedding of Alex and Summer this weekend (which is, unfortunately, not steampunk themed). Aside from catching up to friends I missed this past weekend, the extra days are basically for sleeping off my flight and otherwise acclimating myself to the East Coast. It’s just like putting the bag with the new goldfish in its old water from its old bowl into its new bowl with the new water before dumping it into its new bowl outright. Growing up, my sisters and I went through a lot of goldfish we won at Purim carnivals, so I don’t know how universal this simile is. But the point is: fish fly east for Summer. I think.

The wedding is actually taking place in Connecticut, at a coincidentally familiar location: Candlewood Lake. I spent many happy years around, on and in that lake with Amy. Although neither the bride nor the groom are from Connecticut, it is a very beautiful place, and I certainly understand its appeal. I am just hopeful that the predictions of a nor’easter are all wrong.

I grew up with Alex in Colorado, and I feel like Summer has been a part of our circle of friends for a long time now. I’m also looking forward to seeing a lot of other friends this weekend who have scattered across the country. Over the past couple of years, we’ve had many chances to commune at weddings, which has been great. I think after everyone is married, there are already plans for everyone to get married again, just so we can keep seeing each other for happy occasions.

Those plans could probably use some work, but I think their intent is in the right place.


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