Sleep and What You Need To Know About Doctor’s Entourages
Wednesday July 20th 2011, 11:59 pm
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Today was a 3. I felt pretty good, though sleepy. And I slept all day.

I did not sleep well last night. After some improved sleep for a few months, I’m slipping back into difficult sleep. My lucid dreams have returned after being virtually non-existant for while. And on top of that, I’m having to get up a lot during the night. Some nights, I can get enough sleep like this, but the lucid dreams are so incredibly exhausting. And last night I had at least three. While I’m annoyed by this semisleep, there are two things keeping my spirits up:

1. During chemo, I had it much worse. Excruciating pain all night! Several night long stretches of insomnia! Being woken up really early in the morning at the hospital! That last one might not sound so bad. You might even think, “I have to get up early, so what?” I’ll tell you what, Mister. Or Lady. (I can’t see you.)

If it’s a doctor that wakes you up, chances are there’s a whole crew of people with them that you’ve never met, comprised of people called things like “residents,” “fellows,” “interns,” “med students,” “voyeurs,” “stone masons,” “harpsichordists,” “lion tamers,” and “Phyllis.” You wake up, because the doctor says, “Good morning,” and you look out your window at the Moon and the starry sky, before you realize there’s this huge posy staring at you. They all have clipboards, and they’re writing things down, and what could the possibly be writing down?! The only thing that happened was that the doctor woke you up! And while we’re at it, you’d only been sleeping for an hour and a half, because people came in all through the night to take your blood and roll you over and x-ray you, and the whole time, you were in agonizing pain! Never forget the agonizing pain! And annoyance! And then, inevitably the question: “Do you mind if all these people with clipboards stare at you while I ask you questions and poke you?” Only having been awake a few seconds, you look around at the doctor’s entourage, at their expectant faces, at their puppy dog eyes pleading with you, and you realize, “Hey wait a minute, they are already surrounding my bed.” And that happens a lot! Maybe every day! I can’t remember.

2. Many of the medications I’ve been on for three years have negative side effects that affect sleep. Or, put positively, many of the medications I’ve been on for three years really, really help with staying wide awake through the night, spark crazy dreams and hallucinations and possibly vision quests, and cause frequent trips to the bathroom. Like ten times a night. Fortunately, I am getting off of these meds. Hooray!

Things I did today that were not sleeping: I ate, I walked Ferris The Dog with Mom, and I watched more delightful on demand programming from the USA Network with my parents. We watched an episode of Royal Pains and two episodes of White Collar. Thoroughly enjoyable all around.

I don’t like sleeping all day, or most of the day, or even much of the day. I prefer to be up and doing things. But if my body needs sleep during this recovery period, I do my best to sleep. I need to listen to what it wants.

I have things scheduled tomorrow. With that in mind, I’d better try to get some sleep so I’m ready to not sleep all day.


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I’d like to submit an addition to the Doctor’s Entourage: Korean Air flight attendant trainees.

A pack of 6+ of 20-something women, impeccably dressed and made up wandering the halls, making eye contact, smiling, bowing and saying “how are you” in Korean.

Comment by Martin Rottler 07.21.11 @ 5:38 pm

I don’t know how I could have forgotten them!


Comment by Reid 07.21.11 @ 10:57 pm

I don’t. It’s the highlight of my day!

Comment by Martin Rottler 07.21.11 @ 11:54 pm

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