Taking It Day By Day
Wednesday July 20th 2011, 1:07 am
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Here’s what I’m going to do: as often as possible, I’m going to post a number rating my day. Why am I going to do this? Because I would like to be able to focus on a day at a time (which I am bad at), and also then be able to look backwards and say, “Hey, that was a great couple of days,” or, “Last week sucked.” I mean, I don’t want to say last week sucked, because I don’t want last week to have sucked, but if it did suck, I want to have a system to show it sucked. The scale will be as follows:

1 – what a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
2 – my day? meh.
3 – ups, downs, not bad, not great, it was a day. what more do you want?
4 – you know, this was a good day.
5 – this day turned out to be pretty damn great!

3 is not average. There is no average day in the life of Reid Levin. But if there was an average, I’d like it to be all 5s, every single day. And then an average day in the life of Reid Levin would be fantastic. As it is, though, the numbers are all over the place.

I’m also doing this to get back in the habit of writing. Some days I’ll write about what happened that day and some days I’ll write about stuff that I’ve been wanting to write about and some days I’ll write something expository and some days I just won’t. So there.

Today was a 4. I felt pretty good and got some stuff done.

Some things that happened:

-I had an appointment that went well. For three years it’s been a standing appointment every Tuesday. Next week it will move to Mondays. I know, talk about radical change and trying something bold and different.

-I went to Micro Center and exchanged the Wacom Graphics Tablet I purchased there last week when no one would help me (I think they were actively avoiding me) towards one that I researched as being the best for me. This is actually the third one I’ve purchased in less than a month. The first one, which I was pushed to buy by a helpful sales associate, was too small. I have had similar problems with beds and porige in the past.

-I went to lunch with Mom.

-I was suspicious about the price I paid for my new tablet, despite assurances from several salesmen that Micro Center sold things for the same price as everyone else. Maybe it was the phrase “the same price as everyone else” that alerted me to the dubious goings on. I checked the price I paid against other retailers, and discovered that Best Buy sells what I bought for $120 cheaper. I will be returning my Wacom Inuos4 Medium tablet to Micro Center and then driving over to Best Buy and buying my Wacom Inuos4 Medium tablet. Also, avoiding Micro Center in the future.

-I took a nap. This is still part of my normal routine while my body is healing.

-I talked to some friends. This is an integral component to pushing a day to a 3 or above, I believe.

-I watched some shows on USA, a fine television network full of interesting and fun to watch characters. There is also a fine country of the same name, but lately I’ve found it hard to watch or listen to many of its characters without pulling my hair out. Which is saying a lot, since post-chemo, it takes a lot for me to willingly allow any hair to leave my head.


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