The Christmas Parade of Glass
Friday December 24th 2010, 11:14 pm
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Lured in by the prospect of an all-family Christmas and/or sweet confections as far as the eye can see, there are currently more members of Mom’s side of the family (the Glasses er… Glass’) in our house than have been together under one roof since Boo’s Bat Mitzvah nearly ten years ago (July 14, 2001). All the cousins are here, save for Roo, Jeff and Brad. Oh, plus Jeff’s girlfriend Laura, who is fairly well integrated into the family whether she wants to be or not. The four of you are all missed by the rest of the family! Well, except probably not by those family members who are trying to hoard all the sweet confections for themselves.

I retired to the basement early because I’m still feeling crummy, but it sure sounded like they were having more fun up there without me, so I don’t feel all that bad. It’s really neat to have everyone around, and I’m looking forward to clumping together with my cousins (and not just because Boo and Andrew are going to Phoenix) tomorrow at Aunt Lise and Unkey Dick’s 40+ guest Christmas dinner. It should be a blast!

I realized tonight that between being sick, cleaning out my closet and writing a blog everyday, my calendar and my anticalendar have fallen behind. Those are all lame excuses–I just need to make sure I add upcoming events and note things that come up during the day. Seems easy, I just need to hold myself to it. It’s worked so far with my blog!

But if you want to maintain my schedule and my logbook for me, please respond to this post with your résumé. This is an internship so I don’t gotta pay you nothing. You need to be a college student, but not because you need to be able to receive college credit, rather so that I can be mostly confident in your ability to know what year it is. Dweebs need not apply.

Okay, dweebs, in the spirit of the holidays, you can apply too.

Merry Christmas!

Reid Levin, known dweeb.

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