Trust, M.D. Is A Reid Killer.
Thursday November 20th 2014, 10:57 pm
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I’ve had a crazy bad headache accompanied by dizziness for two weeks.

To relieve these symptoms, I was prescribed a migraine medication by a doctor at my PCP’s clinic. Wouldn’t you just know it, but that particular medication, when taken with another medication I’m on, could’ve killed me in an extremely painful manner. Luckily, before I could take enough of the new medication, my psychiatrist intervened, saving me from a painful, horrible death.

There are four important things I have to point out about this exciting situation:

1) The doctor that prescribed the migraine medication had a list of all my medications. We make it a habit to make sure all of my doctors are up-to-date on my current medications.

2) I only use one pharmacy, so they know all of the medications I’m currently taking, too.

3) This thrilling situation really pushed my feelings of not being able to trust the people I expect to be treating me to a whole new level.

4) I love my psychiatrist. He always has my back. Unfortunately, I suspect he’s the only doctor I feel like I can trust.

After having found myself alive and still having headaches and dizziness after a potentially Reid-killing scenario, my PCP said she would prescribe a different, non-Reid-killing-medication. The funny thing is–get this–she decided to call in a different medication to the pharmacy than the one she had indicated she was going to call in. The punchline, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, is that she sent in a prescription for another medication that is listed on her computer and the pharmacy’s computer as a medication that could kill me. Mark one (million) up for my mom for catching that one (and the other 999,999 things she’s been on top of)!

There are three important things I have to point out about this super-duper situation:

1) Yeah, I can’t trust anyone but my psychiatrist about my health anymore.

2) I’m really lucky my mom stays on top of everything related to my health.

3) #%&$!

I’m getting an MRI of my brain tomorrow. I’m guessing it will show that my brain is spinning around rapidly inside my skull.

So, typical week.


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