Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Iran and All Who Seek Liberty…
Monday February 07th 2011, 11:59 pm
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(updated 2-8-11: I take full responsibility for causing critical joke failure at the end of this entry)

This one’s for you, revolutionaries!

Revolution 9

Yep, this was the most active thing I felt up to doing today. And man, did it wear me out.

“Why does your family have a fridge magnet George Washington?” you may ask. A better different question is why don’t you have a fridge magnet George Washington?

UPDATE (2-8-11): I knew when I posted this that it was wah-wah. However, I did not realize that the reference was too convoluted and obscure, thus rendering this entry confusing rather than amusing. I fully admit to comedic defeat without any excuses or justifications. I won’t even bring up that I produced this nugget while feeling crappy from chemo, which makes me scatterbrained and delusional. I would never bring up that chemo sometimes blocks the humor center of my brain. And I wouldn’t even think about explaining that in my delirious state it was amazing I could even pick up a pen, let alone think of such a clever reference that I can’t understand how you don’t get.

I take total and complete responsibility for this critical joke failure that chemo caused.


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No way is this too convoluted and obscure. In fact, it has just the right amount of convoluted obscurity. Convoluted obscurity is the next big thing in comedy. It’s just that no one’s aware of it.

As an obscure American, I appreciate the vague representation. Thank you. Now I’ll go do my part and write a song about unsung heros.


Comment by Krista Harris 02.08.11 @ 8:53 pm

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